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Trailer Safety Training gives you safe practices for loading a trailer, securing cargo, hooking up, and towing a trailer.

Trailer Safety Training trains you in safe operation of trailers, whether you tow conventional travel trailers (including folding camping trailers), fifth-wheel trailers, or motorcycle, tent, and cargo trailers.

METI’s Trailer Safety Training gives you cutting-edge approaches to training!

  1. Classroom instruction on safe trailer use with industry experienced instructors
  2. Practical, hands-on training and supervision in safe trailer inspection, loading, securement and towing
  3. Post- towing review of your performance

Trailer Safety Training

Key Benefits to METI’s Trailer Safety Training

Our Trailer Safety certification provides you with the training industry is looking for:

  • Trailer Towing Components
  • Principles of Trailers
  • Safe Trailer Hook-Up
  • Pre-Trip Considerations
  • Controlled Stopping
  • Stopping Distance and Stopping Time
  • Speed and Weight Facts
  • Downgrades
  • Backing Up
  • Turns and Other Maneuvers
  • Seeing and Being Seen
Trailer Safety Training
METI’s Confined Space Training Simulator Trailer travels to your work sites.

Your Trailer Safety training Ticket/Certificate

Upon completion of Trailer Safety Training, you will receive a wallet-size Trailer Safety Ticket/Certificate, that will show you have the credentials. Feel free to have your prospective employer contact METI to confirm your Trailer Safety Certification.

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