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METI has built a reputation across Canada for providing quality driven health and safety training programing. Our valued customers are looking for one-stop-shopping for all their OHS needs and have been requesting us to provide Safety Consulting Services. To meet this request METI is pleased to now offer OHS Consulting Services including:

Gap Analysis:

Progressive organizations strive to improve organizational efficiency; we can evaluate your existing OHS Management System (Program) and offer recommendations for continual improvement.

Goal Setting and Continual Improvement Action Planning:

Upon acceptance of recommendations we can work with your Leadership Team, and your Safety Representative or Safety Committee to define continual improvement goals and develop an action plan to achieve them.

OHS Management System:

We can work with your organization to develop and implement a complete OHS Management System from scratch or individual procedures and safe work practices as required.

Incident Investigation:

Often organizations train employees in Incident Investigation but they do not acquire the required practical skills because they are not required to conduct investigations frequently enough. We can serve as investigators when needed ensure that “root causes” are identified and “appropriate “corrective actions” are identified.

Hazard Identification:

Need a trained and experienced set of eyes to walk through you facilities with your Leadership Team, Safety Representative or Safety Committee to pro-actively identify workplace hazards. A very valuable and proactive way to train and motivate your people to proactively work to identify and control.

Pre-Audit Evaluation:

Organizations working to achieve “Safety Accreditation” (COR or Safety Certified) often reach out to us to conduct a pre-audit evaluation to assist them in preparing for the auditors.

Specialized Safety Services:

METI is currently looking to partner with specialty service providers such as Ergonomists and Industrial Hygienists so that we can deliver the one-stop- shopping experience.

We would be delighted to chat with you about how we can assist your organization in improving its safety performance and the safety outcomes for your employees.

Call us today at 902-539-9766, or drop by our office 301 Alexandra Street, Sydney NS.

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