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Ensure your own safety and the safety of those around you with Snowplow Operator Safety Training!

After completing Snowplow Operator Safety Training, you will be able to recognize hazards associated with the inspection and use of snowplowing equipment in order to employ safe practices when operating a snowplow.


Key Benefits to METI’s Snowplow Operator Safety Training

Our Snowplow Operator Safety certification provides you with the training industry is looking for!

  • Indicate what the snowplow operator must do if they notice the vehicle is damaged or not functioning appropriately
  • Locate specifications for additional periodic inspections of the snowplow
  • Discuss the importance of reading the operator’s manual
  • Discuss the use of unauthorized or improvised attachments, repairs, or modifications on the snowplow or any of its snow removal components
  • Describe a safe driver
  • Define three points of contact
  • Give techniques for driving defensively
  • Indicate why the operator should not drive above the approved plowing speed while clearing snow
  • Give examples of hazards operators experience
  • Indicate how operators can avoid hazards
  • Discuss the steps the operator can take should the material spreader get clogged during operations
  • Discuss steps the operator can take when operating with pedestrians in the area
  • Give examples of precautions to take when operating near train tracks
  • Indicate what the operator should do if under the influence of drugs or alcohol (including certain prescription medication) or if suffering from a health problem that affects their ability to operate a machine
  • Identify one of the greatest causes of death for snowplow operators and pedestrians
  • Identify causes of incidents where the operator is driving the snowplow and collides with another vehicle, or the operator exits the plow and is struck by another passing car
  • Indicate what causes train accidents involving snowplows

Your Snowplow Operator Safety Training Ticket/Certificate

Upon completion of Snowplow Operator Safety Training, you will receive a wallet-size Snowplow Operator Safety Ticket/Certificate, that will show you have the credentials. Feel free to have your prospective employer contact METI to confirm your Snowplow Operator Safety Certification.

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