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Working with Mobile Equipment

Powered mobile equipment can be a valuable tool on a work site, but can also pose a risk to nearby workers, traffic, or pedestrians — especially if the operator can’t see them.  Train to recognize, identify and control hazards associated with Working with Mobile Equipment.

Become knowledgeable in safe use of  self-propelled off-highway equipment used for construction, mining, agriculture, forestry and other purposes and receive training and certification in:

Working with Mobile Equipment

Working with Mobile Equipment gives you safety leadership training in:

  • Capabilities and limitations of the specific piece of mobile equipment
  • Basic maintenance requirements
  • Pre-trip inspection requirements
  • Safe traveling guidelines and operational precautions
  • Operating requirements of mobile equipment including safe loading and unloading
  • Overhead and lateral hazards
  • Parking & shut down
  • Use of required personal protective equipment and apparel

Working with Mobile Equipment is the OHS Practitioner’s course when overseeing safe acts and conditions when using powered mobile equipment.

Develop and implement safe work procedures for the use of powered mobile equipment in the workplace, train workers in those safe work procedures, and ensure that workers comply with those safe work procedures with Working with Mobile Equipment.

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