Shaun Nagle Phoenix Safety and Rescue, September 2021

At a moments Notice Joe and Staff were able to supply my company Phoenix Safety and Rescue with the most top notched professional safety people that I could have ever asked for. I have nothing but great reviews for the caliber and quality of people being put forward by METI. I would highly recommend using this establishment when you are ever in dire need of people, whether it be rescue, safety watch, safety advisors or air hands. Hoping to do much, much more through METI in the immediate future!

Matt Rendell, January 2021

METI has the best training, teachers, and staff I’ve ever had or heard of. I finished the Class 3 Driver program and found work locally right away. Thank you to teachers and staff for all your expertise.

James MacDonald, October 2020

Thanks to METI for helping me pass the Class 3 Drivers’ program and thank you to the instructors for helping me they are the best at what they do.

Stephen Perry, December 2020

Just finished my Earthmoving Operator program and Class 3 Driver Training, excellent place to go for training, all the instructors are very knowledgeable and teach a lot of real-world situations.

Alex Kleinschmidt, September 2020

Got my Class 3 license today with the METI Earthmoving Operator program.

Thanks to all the instructors. Great program! I would recommend this course to anyone!!!

Karl Landru, March 2021

Just finished my internship for my Class 1 Driver Tractor Trailer program and I learned so much and had a great time. So, if you’re thinking about getting your class 1, I totally recommend METI.