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OHS Legislation & Ethics Training

Train to help organizations maintain compliance with Legislation & Ethics Training!

OHS Legislation & Ethics Training helps you to become an effective leader in OH&S.

OHS Legislation & Ethics Training acquaints you with the relevance of legislation, laws, regulations, codes of practice, and standards that govern the environmental health and safety of organizations.

OHS Legislation & Ethics Training

  • Give examples of:
    • activities that are governed by federal and provincial legislation
    • areas governed by employment (or labour) laws
    • rights protected by Canada’s charter of rights and freedoms
    • natural resources that are protected under the nova scotia environment act
    • conditions an employer must meet for establishing due diligence
  • Distinguish among various federal and provincial legislation
  • Indicate the responsibilities of parties under occupational health and safety law
  • Discuss the role of joint health and safety committee
  • Discuss the worker’s basic rights
  • Discuss the internal responsibility system
  • Indicate the conditions under which the worker has the right to refuse dangerous work
  • Indicate how the term reasonably practicable is described by the labour program (Canada)
  • Discuss due diligence as applied to occupational health and safety
  • List duties that managers and supervisors must educated and trained to perform to ensure they are competent persons

Upon completion of OHS Legislation & Ethics Training, you will be able to refer to relevant pieces of Canadian legislation that can be used to ensure compliance and establish an organization’s due diligence.

  • Types of Legislation
  • Canadian OHS Legislation
    • Canada Labour Code – Part 2 OHS
    • Criminal Code of Canada – Section 217.1
    • Canadian OHS Regulations
  • Canadian Environmental Legislation
    • Canadian Environmental Protection Act
    • Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act
  • Nova Scotia OHS Legislation
    • NS OHS Act
    • NS OHS Regulations
  • Nova Scotia Environmental Legislation
    • NS Environment Protection Act
    • NS Environmental Regulations
  • OHS Practitioner Rolls & Ethics
  • Due Diligence
  • Rights
  • Responsibilities
  • Occupational Health and Safety Compliance Standards
  • Codes of Practice

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