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Fit Testing Protocol Training

Recognize the accepted standards and practices used by respirator fit testers with Fit Testing Protocol Training.

Fit Testing Protocol Training will prepare you to support the user of a tight-fitting respirator to obtain an effective seal, verify the user of a tight-fitting respirator’s comfort and fit, and interpret test results.

Fit Testing Protocol Training

  • List the purposes of the fit test process
  • Indicate the reason ‘force fitting’ is prohibited
  • List the occasions when fit tests shall be carried out
  • Identify the only pressure mode in which tight-fitting respirators shall be tested
  • Give examples of respirator interference concerns
  • Indicate what shall result for those who are unwilling or otherwise unable to comply with interference-free requirements, or who are unable to obtain and acceptable fit
  • Distinguish among the ways individuals shall present themselves when fit testing
  • Discuss what shall result for respirators designed not to be cleaned after use
  • Identify what respirator coverage inspection shall include
  • Clean and sanitize respirators

By gaining an awareness of the protocols to which the fit tester adheres, you will be able to support those on the job site who are tasked with maintaining an interference-free respirator seal, effectively performing seal checks, and removing from service any respirator they determine to be defective.

Fit Testing Protocol Training adheres to CSA Z94.4-18 Selection, use & Care of Respirators, ensuring you will be well-prepared!

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