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High Angle Rescue Training NFPA standard 1006

High Angle Rescue Training

Our High Angle Rescue Training (High Angle Rescue Awareness Training, High Angle Rescue Operations Training, and High Angle Rescue Technician Training) is facilitated by our in-house High Angle Rescue Course faculty members, who are certified High Angle Rescue Trainers, having obtained Train-the-Trainer certification which is a fully compliant credential with NFPA standards.

Gerard Jessome, one of our compliant NFPA standard High Angle Rescue Training Team.

METI’s High Angle Rescue Training Benefits

M.E.T.I.’s High Angle Rescue Course accommodates your training needs by customizing the instruction to meet NFPA standard 1006.  Our accredited High Angle Rescue Awareness program is a comprehensive study of principles and techniques associated with the practice of high angle rescue. The program entails such topics as: • Explanation of equipment use and strengths • Anchor selection and construction • Team safety • Edge safety • Various belay techniques • Various rappel techniques • Advanced anchoring techniques • Tying off a belay in tandem and solo • Tying off a rappel device • Mock situation tests • Introduction to haul systems • Rope ascending techniques • Haul Systems • Rescuer positioning • “Pick off” rescues • Mock situation test • Introduction to basket work

Your High Angle Rescue Ticket/Certificate

Upon completion of this training, you will receive a wallet-size Ticket/Certificate that will show prospective employers that you have the right credentials. We keep your records on file permanently.  Feel free to have your prospective employer contact METI to confirm your certificate.

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