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H2S Awareness Online Course

Our H2S Awareness Online Course will give you an awareness as to what Hydrogen Sulfide is along with the health hazards associated with the gas. This H2S Awareness Online Course also covers recognizing, assessing and controlling H2S hazards, exposure limits, and ways to detect the presence of the gas. Hydrogen sulfide is a colorless, flammable, extremely hazardous gas with a “rotten egg” smell. It occurs naturally in crude petroleum and natural gas, and can be produced by the breakdown of organic matter and human/ animal wastes (e.g., sewage). It is heavier than air and can collect in low-lying and enclosed, poorly ventilated areas such as basements, manholes, sewer lines and underground telephone/electrical vaults.  By taking our H2S Awareness Online Course, you will be able to identify ‘sour gas’, its properties and its effects.

H2S Awareness Online Course Key Benefits

  • Employees trained via eLearning bring in 26% more revenue
  • eLearning training requires 40-60% less employee time than alternatives
  • The eLearning industry has grown over 900% since 2000
  • METI’s popular online safety training is industry-approved
  • Our online courses are designed and developed by our professional program development team and are geared to adult learners
  • Our online courses save you time and money
  • You and your team can train anywhere, anytime with our online courses
  • Our online courses are mobile responsive, which means you can take them on tablets, iPads or smart phones
  • Upon completion of this H2S Awareness Online Course, you will receive a wall certificate and a wallet-sized certificate (ticket)METI’s online learning platform retains all training records and certificates should your employer require your credential

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