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Ground Disturbance Online Course

METI’s Ground Disturbance Online Course is a supervisor ready training program, designed for anyone who may be required to undertake, plan or supervise excavating and trenching operations. It is also used by any individual working in proximity to a ground disturbance in Canada. Hazards involving excavations, in particular trenches, can lead to serious incidents involving workers at construction sites. Workers can be critically injured or die in cave-ins. Many cave-ins occur on small jobs of short duration, such as water, gas, electrical and sewer line connections. (Although this Ground Disturbance Online Course does not currently have the Alberta Damage Prevention Council’s Standard 201 endorsement, as it is currently not available for online programs, we believe this training reflects the standard.  It is the employer’s responsibility to verify all training meets the work site’s requirements.) Our Ground Disturbance Online Course is a comprehensive guide to Ground Disturbance that we believe reflects Energy Safety Canada’s IRP 17 requirements, which includes both the Worker and Supervisor levels of training.

Ground Disturbance Online Course Key Benefits

  • Employees trained via eLearning bring in 26% more revenue
  • eLearning training requires 40-60% less employee time than alternatives
  • The eLearning industry has grown over 900% since 2000
  • METI’s popular online safety training is industry-approved
  • Our online courses are designed and developed by our professional program development team and are geared to adult learners
  • Our online courses save you time and money
  • You and your team can train anywhere, anytime with our online courses
  • Our online courses are mobile responsive, which means you can take them on tablets, iPads or smart phones

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