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Construction Basics

Construction Basics

Construction Basics introduces you to the skills you need to assist skilled construction tradespersons and when performing labour activities on construction sites.

Become fully trained and certified to prepare and clean up construction sites, move materials and equipment, and perform demolition and excavation activities with Construction Basics

Construction Basics is for anyone who generally works outdoors on construction sites, in close contact with other construction professionals.

Your tasks on a construction site will vary from one project to the next, and whether handling materials or work with hand and/or power tools, construction basics gives you a competitive edge by being prepared.

Construction Basics

Construction Basics Key Benefits

  1. Identify common challenges during various phases of construction project management
  2. Distinguish among the categories of hazards
  3. Describe common hazards on construction sites
  4. Perform a field level hazard assessment
  5. Discuss the uses and purposes of work permits, toolbox talks, and lockout; tag and verify programs
  6. Discuss the importance of health maintenance measures for construction workers
  7. Indicate how to effectively respond to harassment and/or violence on the construction site
  8. Discuss the effects of an impaired worker on the everyone at the workplace
  9. Define safety-sensitive position
  10. Indicate why an employee may want to inform the employer that they use cannabis outside of the workplace
  11. Demonstrate safe manual materials handling techniques
  12. Distinguish among safe use practices for extension ladders, fixed access ladders, portable ladders, step ladders, wooden ladders
  13. Review various tools and pieces of equipment commonly used by construction labourers
  14. Discuss selection, quality, and storage of tools commonly used by construction labourers
  15. Use a measuring tape, builder’s level, and protractor to determine precision data
  16. Use a rake, shovel, hand saw, screwdriver, hammer, and pry bar

Construction Basics Training Ticket/Certificate

Upon completion of Construction Basics, you will receive a wallet-size Construction Basics Ticket/Certificate, that will show you have the credentials.

Feel free to have your prospective employer contact METI to confirm your Construction Basics Certification.


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