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Wondering what the course will include. Listed below is a description of each course in the Class 3 Driver Program.

Air Brakes Training

This course provides information on laws regulations and correct procedures required to drive a vehicle equipped with an Air Brake System. After completing this module, the student and will write the Nova Scotia Registry of Motor Vehicles Air Brakes Test to receive an Air Brakes Training Certification.

Class 3 Driver Training

Train in the safe and effective operation of Class 3 vehicles. Your will take your driving test with our accredited driver examiner. Topic covered will provide the student with knowledge to have a comprehensive understanding of the trucking industry and its importance to our economy, the rules and regulations under which the trucking industry operates as well as safe driving techniques in a professional field. 

Cargo Securement and Handling Training

You will learn safe techniques for the loading and securing of specific types of commodities; learn to  inspect secured loads for compliance with the North American Cargo (NSC) Securement Standard.

Professional Driver Improvement Course (PDIC)

PDIC helps professional drivers improve their defensive driving techniques. Learn how to prevent collisions, deliver cargo safely and on time, reduce costs and maintain good driving habits.  Delivered through the Canada Safety Council.

(Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System – Globally Harmonized Standard)

In this training you will be able to distinguish many elements of the “old” WHMIS from  the “new” WHMIS: when and how to use a material safety data sheet and a safety data sheet; the “old” symbols from the “new” pictograms; the “old” hazard classes from the “new” hazard classes; GHS hazard groupings and building block concept.

Occupational Health & Safety Act, OH&S (NS) Training

You will review relevant elements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act while discussing the standards that should be followed for creating a safe and healthy work environment.

Standard First Aid CPR-C & AED (CSA Intermediate) Training (2 Day)

This is a St John Ambulance First Aid course. Students will learn the roles and responsibilities of a FIRST AID provider. They will become familiar injuries and medical emergencies. Standard First Aid and CPR courses include AED training.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)

Students are provided with the knowledge to an understand the regulations and proper procedures for shipping, receiving and transporting (by road) dangerous goods; the use of TDG Regulation Schedules; determine the classifications of dangerous goods, mark and label small means of containment; selecting display placards for large means of containment.

Forklift Operator Safety

Forklift Operator Safety Training prepares you to safely operate various classes and types of forklifts. Forklift Operator Safety Training Training will enable you to demonstrate safe operation of forklifts, in compliance with provincial and federal regulations.  Our Forklift Operator Safety Training delivers instruction based on CSA B335-15 standards.


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