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YOUNG DRIVERS OF CANADA® Learn to Drive Nova Scotia

In May 2018 METI and YOUNG DRIVERS® (YD) began their partnership with METI purchasing the YOUNG DRIVERS® of Sydney franchise.

METI added Driving Programs to their Career College in 2014 with Class 3, in 2015 with Class 1 and now offers Class 5  Drivers Education with YOUNG DRIVERS®. The blend of METI and YOUNG DRIVERS® is a perfect fit. 

A YOUNG DRIVERS® Course is the best insurance you can buy for a new driver. YD has spent over 40 years developing programs and YD updates and improves it every year. The YD program is designed for a new driver, any driver looking to improve their skills or confidence or new residents to Canada; ANY AGE.

Why Young Drivers?
  • Over 1.3 Million YOUNG DRIVERS® Graduates
  • Over 45 Years in the Driver Education Industry
  • Best Driving Instructors – YOUNG DRIVERS® is the Only Driving School to Annually Re-certify Our Instructors
  • Convenient Driving Classes & Course Times
  • School Pickup and Convenient Pickup Locations For In-Car Driving Lessons
  • The Only ISO 9000 Driving Program in the Country

YD believes that Evasive Maneuvers are an important part of your learning experience. We teach these skills in car, because that’s where you will need them.

YOUNG DRIVERS® program is a recognized approved course to shorten the waiting time for road test, may reduce insurance costs and no further courses will be required to exit all the phases of the Graduated Licence System after the required waiting periods.

“YOUNG DRIVERS® of Canada, We Save Lives. Our exclusive program instills confidence behind the wheel by teaching new drivers safe driving skills. Experience the YD difference”.

Learn to Drive NS BRONZE Package includes:

  • 25 hours of theory done in a classroom setting
  • The YD student workbook
  • 10 hours (13 lessons) of private in-vehicle teaching lessons
  • Free online Co-Driver Program for parents and other driving coaches
  • Free CogniFit® New Driver cognitive training for students

Learn to Drive NS Silver Package includes:

Our Best Seller
This package includes all the benefits of the Bronze with the addition of a Road Test Pkg consisting of a 15 minute pre-test warm-up time with your YD Instructor, the use of the YD car for your road test and the support of your YD instructor.

YD Learn to Drive NS Gold Package Includes:

This package includes all the benefits of the Silver package with 4 additional in car lessons.

Other Packages and Lessons

Whether you need a few lessons to sharpen your skills for driving in a new country or because you haven’t driven in awhile, we offer multiple packages to suit everyone’s needs.

Defensive Driving:

New drivers who have not attended a drivers education program are required to attend this course, to have the “N” removed from your licence. See more information.

For more details on these, other course packages or to learn more about YOUNG DRIVERS® of Cape Breton please visit the or call (902) 562-5359

Young Drivers of Canada


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